Stopping smoking ~ If Hypnosis can’t beat this

by admin on May 29, 2012

 If Hypnosis can’t beat this then I’ll be Damned!!!!!!!

From the book ‘Tipping Point’

“Glaxo Wellcome has tested the drug – now marketed
under the name Zyban – in heavily addicted smokers
(more than 15 cigarettes a day) and found remarkable
effects. In the study, 23 percent of smokers given a course
of anti-smoking counseling and a placebo quit after four
weeks. Of those given counseling and the nicotine patch,
36 percent had quit after four weeks. The same figure for
Zyban, though, was 49 percent, and of those heavily
addicted smokers given both Zyban and the patch, 58 per-
cent had quit after a month. Interestingly, Zoloft and
Prozac – the serotonin drugs – don’t seem to help
smokers to quit.”

No mention of cost either!!!

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