so proud of my Clough’s Daniel, Luke and joseph

by admin on July 13, 2013

Being a proud father seems to come with the territory of being the father to three wonderful sons.

I’ve just come back form Israel supporting Joseph in a time line therapy training and feel blessed to be part of what he and I have achieved. Awesome doesn’t describe it! And he is impacting on on so many!

But he is only one one one of my special family.

On comes Luke to never endingly (if that’s a word)  surprise me with his passion for helping people, even if I think he doesn’t  realise it, maybe one day he will find that his passion is right under his nose because he is making changes to so many peoples lives!

Then there’s Daniel, our perfectionist, that sees the answers to problems without knowing how _ he just does it with ease but doesn’t realise how special that is. (we (Joseph Luke and I do however) do)

Boy am I lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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